Riso Gallo, defined as “rice for the eyes, nose and mouth”, has accompanied Italians in their diet for six generations.
With the mission of spreading the culture of rice and risotto throughout the world, the brand is committed to creating only quality, practical, and extremely genuine products.
Among these, the famous Basmati rice has in recent years fully entered Italian consumption habits. This was borne out of the need to offer greater attention to well-being and healthy eating, becoming the protagonist of various preparations such as salads, side dishes, and pokés.
Hence, the need to create a brand positioning that best valorizes all consumption opportunities linked to rice itself was identified. Rethinking the product offering, RBA Design worked on three new references which expanded the range in question, emphasizing the differences of each but at the same time maintaining a common thread that spoke to all consumer families, through a project of brand and targeted packaging design.


Basmati ProfumatoIntegrale e Rosso&Nero.
The first reference is designed for side dishes and light recipes. It is characterized by an exotic touch, which makes it the ideal product if you love the scent of classic Basmati. The color palette, which favors blue, is authoritative and brings back classic imagery.
The Basmati Integrale, on the other hand, was created to meet the needs of health enthusiasts, while still guaranteeing a rich and always authentic taste. This is why the pack, with its illustrations, recalls healthy cuisine with balanced recipes.
Finally, the Rosso&Nero reference is dedicated to a younger target, which follows the culinary trends of the moment. The proposed rice is suitable for creative recipes such as poké. The same liveliness, enhanced by brighter yellow hues and dynamic features, is therefore at the center of the design, further emphasizing the characteristics of this product.
The project, in its entirety, gives great space to the name Basmati, but also to the reference declination. For the agency, it was important to underline the quality of the product, giving value to the Himalayan origin. After all, we are talking about products that are linked to sustainable agriculture.
Attention to the environment is also the basis of the creation of the pack, eco-compatible and created using FSC-certified cardboard and recyclable plastic. These elements are integrated into the 360° sustainability path carried out by the company, named “Il riso che sostiene“.
The keywords are therefore authenticity and well-being, for a product that also facilitates consumption. In fact, highlighted on the packs, we also find information such as the cooking time and the type of preparation for which the product is best suited.
This project strengthens the Riso Gallo brand even further, concretely responding to the needs of the public through functional and material food design.





Among the largest rice mills in Europe, Riso Gallo represents a true culinary institution for Italians.
Starting with rice as an ingredient, the company has created a wide range of products, with lines for every taste and need but above all versatile recipes that can be enriched in a personal and always creative way.
Speaking of creativity, in 2023 two new lines were launched on the market: Riso Gallo Chips and Riso Gallo sweet snacks, the so-called Balls. RBA Design was involved with a tailor-made project for these delicious, colourful, sweet, and savory products, to immediately convey the well-being embodied by the main ingredient: rice.
At the same time, though, we also wanted to communicate the idea of being able to treat yourself to delicious and healthy snacks, whenever you want. These are therefore references that reassure consumers of the goodness and at the same time, the balance offered by these products, while awaiting the release of new goodies by Riso Gallo in the coming months.


Colorful and dynamic creativity: this is how RBA Design has interpreted these innovative, tasty, and healthy products. The agency worked on the creation of the brand positioning, as well as on the brand visual identity and packaging of the lines.
For the chips, the color palette highlights the brown rice chips with sea salt in blue, and the paprika-flavoured red rice chips in red.
Crunchy news is told through simple and explanatory symbols – icons on the pack showing that they are wholemeal products, not fried, gluten-free, and a source of fibre.
The project thus enhances a line that contains less fat than typical chips, while maintaining flavor and character. What is communicated is, on the one hand, all the well-being offered by rice and, on the other, the deliciousness of the snacks. The same tone of voice, as well as the visuals, aims to emphasize the completeness and liveliness of these chips, stimulating appetite appeal.
In terms of the sweet balls, more emphasis is placed on the combination of corn and rice, which creates a light and pleasant snack suitable for any occasion. As was done for the chips, RBA Design has once again given great value to the balance between taste and well-being, creating an equally soft and above all cheerful design.
The color choice fell on light blue for the milk-flavoured Cocoa Rice, brown for the dark Cocoa Rice, and bright pink for the Rice with berries. These are the references on which the creative team worked, developing a pack that is easy to handle and has a characteristic personality. Also, in this case, the icons indicate that the pack is recyclable, that this is a gluten-free product, and that it is prepared with brown rice flour.
Whether at the end of a meal or during a sweet break, Riso Gallo balls are the ideal choice for real carefree pleasure, which best combines goodness and indulgence.
Both products are launched to the market to be consumed at different times and share a particularly cheerful, dynamic, and high-impact layout, able to attract, through their contrasts, the attention of consumers on the sales shelves.
These are treats that have the advantage of featuring all the lightness of Riso Gallo.