An iconic all-you-can-eat brand

Produced by Findus, Sofficini represent a complete experience of taste and fun.

This is also thanks to the friendly character Carletto, who has always accompanied the brand with a light tone of voice that is close to consumers.
What characterizes Sofficini, however, is the unmistakable filling, unique for each product: a range with eight tasty variants, all of which share an extra stringy mozzarella cheese.
Generally known for the family target, with the Sofficini line the brand has created a true product category, now more than familiar to the public.
In a market where private label is becoming more and more present, the work we did was to create a strong enhancement project, with the goal of achieving greater impact, visibility and consequently recognizability in supermarkets.

The colorful restyling of Sofficini

The elements that distinguish this major redesign by RBA Design, are the logo explosion that acquires a new central importance, as if to reaffirm the brand’s undisputed leadership in the savory pan cake segment, a cleanliness and simplification of the visual to ensure a fluid reading order and an overall harmony of the entire pack and finally a striking color system characterized by cheerful and bright colors, capable of clearly differentiating the various flavors of Sofficini.

The exercise also continues on the back, which shows the character and promotions that follow one another over time, characteristics of the brand’s commercial policy.
A work that maintains a continuity of style and brand language, making it more modern, lively and impactful on the shelf.

The story telling of the Fun Meals

Carletto has become to all intents and purposes a mascot, inextricably linked to the Sofficini Findus brand, well-known and appreciated for his likability and liveliness by the brand’s target audience.

This is why the Company, on the occasion of the character’s 25-year history, decided to develop a brand stretching project by creating a line dedicated to him (“Carletto Presents”) that does not include Sofficini, but includes products such as Suppl√¨, Crocchette, Pizza, French Fries and Chicken Nuggets.

This is with the intention of ensuring the uniqueness and exclusivity of these tasty products. Almost as if it were a show to be enjoyed, Carletto, dressed as a host, presents the novelty products, this time with a pack featuring an alternative background color, unique to the entire line, which clearly relates to family evenings, under the banner of the most genuine laughter and a good movie to watch all together.
A callback to Sofficini was maintained through the cross-logo typing mode that characterizes the product name.

Fun Meals thus become that extra element to share, inviting purchase with a particularly engaging visual and storytelling.
Two creatives that result in an explosion of colors and joy, both characterized by shapes and graphic signs that go to highlight in a light and
sympathetically all the deliciousness of these iconic Findus products.