Nutrivel proposes a concept of tailor-made well-being, which enters the health segment accompanied by the targeted communication of RBA Design.
From Giuliani Farmaceutici, the first personalized plan of probiotics and natural active ingredients was borne out of the following consideration: in the process of improving one’s daily well-being, individual characteristics play a decisive role. Hence, the need to develop ad hoc solutions by analyzing the specific microbiota of each individual, combined with their lifestyle and eating habits, was identified.
The Nutrivel system, developed by the team of Giuliani researchers on the basis of consolidated knowledge of medical and nutritional science, is based on the selection of seventeen active ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness profile and divided into five areas of intervention: energy, mood and concentration, immunity, metabolism and digestion, vitality and longevity.
These represent the fundamental areas of human health. This was a particularly ambitious and specific project, for which the agency was responsible for the study and management of various digital touch points.


To best guide consumers in choosing their plan, it was necessary to create a communication strategy that was simple and immediate, but that could also maintain the technicality and specificity of Nutrivel.
The choice path takes place via the website, created by RBA Design as a gateway to the Nutrivel world: a user-friendly site, which guides the consumer in every step, from filling out the diagnostic questionnaire to identifying their specific plan. The graphics, which are easy to understand, create a navigation path that allows users to learn, step-by-step, how the Nutrivel personalized plan works.
The choice of colors, the visibility of information, and the texts help guide the consumer through a digital experience that leads to easily obtaining the ideal plan desired. On the site, it is also possible to follow a video tutorial which, thanks to a simple and descriptive infographic, clearly explains the program and how to fill out the questionnaire to identify the user’s specific needs and the characteristics of the two plans, Basic and Advanced.
At the end of the questionnaire, to finalize the purchase, users are redirected to the Farmaè website, Nutrivel’s exclusive partner and one of the main e-commerce sites in Italy in the Health and Well-being market. Lastly, a personal user area allows consumers to monitor their progress.
RBA Design has also developed a digital magazine for the brand, in a dedicated space on the site. Here, we have several pieces of content created by a team of scientific journalists, which delve into issues related to microbiota as well as well-being, lifestyle, and health.
The communication plan designed for Nutrivel is completed with the activation and management of the Facebook and Instagram social channels. To this effect, ad hoc content is created to put the brand in touch with its different targets, through informative, engaging, and educational posts that relaunch and promote the articles published in the magazine.
In addition, presentation materials such as a leaflet and a display case were developed, which remain consistent with the tone of voice and color palette of the broader communication strategy.
Ethics, professionalism, and innovation thus come together in a unique and complete system, for which RBA Design has thought of an accessible, timely design that also best communicates the brand’s mission on a semiotic level.