In 2021, Strategica Group led a rebranding project to renew its image as a leading insurance consultancy company in risk management and insurance consulting.
The new logo – the result of a joint effort between RBA Design and Strategica Group – is one of the most distinctive features of the new brand identity. This new sign encapsulates the characteristics of the group and introduces the message “Looking beyond risks”.  This is a modern, minimalist and at the same time authoritative proposal, characterized by the contrast between black and white, and with clear, essential, recognizable typography.
The sign recalls the shape of an eye, symbolizing the ability to analyse, investigate, and distinguish, to see with a completely personal and unique approach – to look, precisely, “beyond risks”.
“We tried to translate, through design, the most authentic expression of Strategica. The signs, the words, and the style aim to represent the essence and vision of the organization in a distinctive way. Strategica has always believed in the importance of design as a business tool aimed not only at creating a memorable impression to stand out from competitors, but also at clarifying one’s offering and generating value”.
“Being a risk management and insurance consultancy that ‘looks beyond’ means working with a group of highly experienced professionals who are therefore able to go beyond the conventional to build ‘tailor-made’ proposals that truly meet the needs of each client. In this sense, the eye of the new Strategica brand demonstrates the Group’s ability to see, understand, and even predict the circumstances to create an insurance plan that truly guarantees effective coverage in the long term with the help of the major insurance companies globally.”
Enrico Guarnerio, CEO of Strategica Group.