Life is full of small special moments hidden in our daily routine. What if we told you a little secret to unlock those moments and make them shine? Riccadonna hits the right notes to fascinate, in classic Italian style since 1921.
Today, with more than a century of know-how, Riccadonna presents itself with a packaging identity that is inspired by the glamorous era in which it was born: the roaring and fascinating Italian 1920s. The era that gave rise to the success stories of the famous “Made in Italy”, derived from the same Italian attitude: casual elegance, exceptional competence, and natural magnetism – perfect for adding a touch of Italian style to everyday occasions.
Riccadonna’s packaging identity naturally derives from the world of Italian fashion, which in the 1920s entered the global scene thanks to great stylists and fashion magazines. Every element of the new design has been carefully tailor-made.
The capital “R” becomes the quality seal of our Italian sparkling wine atelier. The logo stands proudly in black, a fashion essential. Our history and our unmistakable style are clearly declared in the brand’s tagline: Italian Style since 1921.
The bottle is made of simply elegant and contemporary glass, darker in color and thinner in shape compared to the standard. The packaging is dressed up in Art Deco-inspired fabrics, which add a touch of glamour to the classic structure of the label. A sartorial attention to detail and finishes lights up Riccadonna in a glow of natural elegance.
Riccadonna’s sparkling wines are thus composed of a range defined as the Moda Collection, made up of five product types and differentiated by elegant and clear color codes.


By expertly combining the unparalleled entrepreneurial flair of its founders with the excellent quality of its products, Riccadonna knows how to stand the test of time. Steeped in Italian style since the roaring ’20s, the brand continues to deliver sparks of elegance, passion, inspiration, and creativity to life-loving people around the world. The new Riccadonna Prosecco Rosè DOC Millesimato combines the pure enthusiasm and joy of life of those who taste it, adding that unmistakable Italian flavor to the drinking experience.
Innovating does not always mean breaking up with traditions. Sometimes, it’s more about reinterpreting old classics to delight contemporary consumers. And that is exactly what Riccadonna has achieved with Riccadonna Prosecco Rosé Millesimato D.O.C..
Rich in individuality, this wine beautifully complements its Prosecco Millesimato D.O.C. longtime. Dressed in a stunning rose gold hue, this wine intertwines timeless elegance and carefree informality.


Since its foundation in 1921, Riccadonna has been synonymous with Italian style in sparkling wines. Born in the splendid days of the roaring and fascinating twenties, full of creative energy and enthusiasm for life, Riccadonna is the most fashionable atelier among Italian bubbles: each sparkling wine is tailor-made to suit the perfect occasion; a glamorous look, inspired by fabrics, and an extroverted character, who livens up your moments.
And now, after 100 years, Riccadonna appears brighter than ever. How to celebrate this birthday party? Perhaps with a fashion show, featuring the exclusive Riccadonna Anniversary Edition, a refined Rosé Dry, dressed for success by the designers of RBA Desing?
Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome Riccadonna 100.