In the heart of Emilia Romagna, the sun sculpts the design of the fields, made fertile by the memory of the sea that once inhabited the Po Valley. OraSì vegetable drinks are born in the Ferrara countryside and are processed in Conselice, in the Ravenna area, just 40kms away.
A short, proprietary supply chain allows us to follow the products closely, paying attention to each step. This constantly evolving reality combines technological innovation with a profound knowledge of raw materials and uses exclusively renewable energy in the entire production process.
The result? A concentrate of pure well-being, free from animal fats and rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals precious for the body. Ideal for those who love the pleasure of a tasty delight, with entirely vegetarian goodness.
This rebranding activity developed by RBA Design arises from the need to rejuvenate and refresh the current visual identity of the OraSì brand, through the creation of new and distinctive brand assets, above all the brand and packaging system.
The logo has undergone an evolution which involves iconographic and typographical simplification to improve readability and recognizability. The solution was the development of a linear brand, always represented with a script font to maintain continuity, and free from the background title block and pay-off.
For the packaging design of the different product lines, the main objective was the development of a recognizable, cohesive, and coherent system for the veggie drinks already in the range, but which was also flexible enough to allow the inclusion of new products.
The creative study is based on a first-rate treatment of raw materials. The visual is the most recognizable element, capable of conveying the goodness and quality of the product, surrounded by graphic elements that bring a touch of freshness and modernity.
As far as colors are concerned, an ad hoc palette was created, allowing a clear differentiation of the brand architecture and featuring hues that enhance the association with the natural world without being predominant over white tones.