Fattoria La Maliosa is a farmhouse that covers approximately 160 hectares in Manciano, a small municipality in the province of Grosseto, at the heart of the hilly Maremma. Founded by Antonella Manuli, the company produces artisanal, natural wines, extra virgin olive oil, and honey.
Thanks to the skills and commitment of its founder, the company also carries out an important project focused on the sustainability and protection of the territory, where quality, beauty, and environmental health are intertwined.
This path led La Maliosa to obtain first an organic certification in 2010 and then, in 2015, a vegan certification for wines and oils. For its wine production, the company uses the Metodo Corino (registered patent and registered trademark by Antonella Manuli and Lorenzo Corino), which creates a set of innovative agronomic processes for the production of table grapes and wine. The method prioritizes the vitality of the soil and the health of the environment, the producers, and the consumers.
Saturnalia – an IGT Toscana natural red wine – is a blend of Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, and Cannonau grigio and is produced using the Corino Method. RBA Design worked on the identity of Saturnalia’s new label, which was focused on expressing the connections between this wine and its unique production method.
The Metodo Corino is based on eight principles. Through a modern and engaging layout, the agency created new labels as well as multi-subject labels, while respecting, in each of them, the complete description of the method. These are well and truly “talking labels” which leverage the concept of product making in an exclusive and innovative way to create a strong, authentic “reason why”.
The brand name, mentioned on the back label, takes on an endorser’s role, leaving the objectives to be highlighted in the story of the Corino Method: impactful packaging, attractiveness, distinctiveness, and authenticity.
This was an eco-packaging project that found in all the actors involved the value of sustainability and respect for the environment, an authentic distinctive trait of Fattoria La Maliosa, a certified organic company since 2010.
The project was led by RBA Design, with the collaboration of UPM Raflatac, Grafical, Verallia, Intercap closures, Amorim Cork Italia, and Roedl and Partners.
From the new Saturnalia label comes a visual system of great personality which is then applied to the other wine labels; an identity that is characterized by the relevance of the contents (the cultivation and production method) and underlined by letters and texts that stand out on light backgrounds, in a contemporary, premium, clear, and essential style.
Even the packaging of the extra virgin olive oils follows the same stylistic code, integrating well into a recent restyling of the site which focuses on attractiveness (the territory) and ease of navigation in the different experiences.