Crodino, the Italian non-alcoholic aperitif from Campari Group, is launched on the European (except Italian) and non-European markets with a new coordinated image and a new packaging format, functional to strengthening its belonging to the category of Italian, non-alcoholic aperitifs.
This was a surprising, rich, and innovative brand proposition that enhanced the heritage of the product and presented itself in a contemporary and relevant way.
The product is aimed at loyal, long-term consumers who want to combine the pleasure of the aperitif moment with the lightness of a non-alcoholic experience.
The project starts from the all-Italian origins of the non-alcoholic aperitif born in 1965 in Crodo, today the number one in our country, enhancing the Italian style and soul, the personality, and the glamorous proposal of a non-alcoholic aperitif.
Crodino is inspired by the vibrant urban culture, which looks to the future with an innate sense of style, always one step ahead and supported by an impactful and warm yellow shade of the liquid, alternating with craft color.
A transparent glass bottle was designed and developed by RBA Design, an original design inspired by the Italian aperitif ritual, in the new 17.5cl format. The watermark carved into the glass, carrying clear messages relating to the product and the moment of consumption, transmits tradition, exclusivity, and contemporary style at a glance.
The label is present only on the neck of the bottle, wrapping it and bearing the writing ‘Rituale Italiano‘, also embossed on the glass to complete the narrative of the brand, immediately evoking the style and taste of the Italian aperitif for the consumer. Under the name of the brand, we included “Dal 1965” (“since 1965”), a tribute to the territorial and historical origins of the drink.
This was a bold branding strategy interpreted through a clear, credible, and attractive design, for a historic brand that presents itself to new markets through the recovery of its heritage, enhancing its visual assets for an increasingly international proposition.
Crodino’s new packaging identity for the international markets won the New Packaging Design Award for the Beverage category at the 2022 Touchpoint Awards.