RBA Design has developed the new identity of the Frollini Balocco line, presented at the recent edition of CIBUS in Parma. The restyling, which includes all 14 Balocco references, puts the product at the centre, underlining the new positioning of the brand.

Immediacy, modernity, recognisability and story telling are the words that characterize the new line. The agency has in fact worked on creating a strong identity that first and foremost enhances the product, making it very visible and the protagonist at the center of the pack and at the same time highlighting the ingredients. On the front of the pack the colored band shows the name of the product. The choice of different colors once again highlights the type of product and the ingredients (for example light blue for classic biscuits, brown for chocolate biscuits, green for wholemeal biscuits), improving the visibility of the pack on the shelf and making it more immediate. choice for the consumer.

To complete the new packages, the inevitable Mr. Balocco, represented as the protagonist on the back of each package, to tell in a nice way the pluses of each individual product. advice, a consumption suggestion or the valorisation of an ingredient. A story that starts on the front of the packaging and continues on the back, in a continuous story of the company. In this way, the brand’s storytelling continues on the biscuit line too, with Mr. Balocco as the undisputed protagonist.