RBA Design has developed the new identity of the Frollini Balocco line, presented at the recent edition of CIBUS in Parma. The restyling, which includes all 14 Balocco references, puts the product at the centre, underlining the new positioning of the brand. Immediacy, modernity, recognisability and story telling are the words that characterize the […]


THE EARTH COMES FIRST The unique area of Valpolicella is inextricably linked to Salvaterra. The brand wanted to build its identity precisely on this strong bond, through an articulated system of signs, words, colors, and materials that could give it a deeper meaning and a more unique personality.


  To express the strong and indissoluble bond between the brand and the territory with immediacy and originality: this is the objective that has translated into two lines of successful wines representing the Concilio winery: I Nativi and Le Conoidi. Both lines, intended for the HORECA channel, differ in positioning (the first is basic wines, […]


Limited edition, special edition and new products, branding and packaging design, for a brand rooted in tradition and heritage, and with a quintessential Milanese style renowned around the world.


LOOKING BEYOND RISKS In 2021, Strategica Group led a rebranding project to renew its image as a leading insurance consultancy company in risk management and insurance consulting. The new logo – the result of a joint effort between RBA Design and Strategica Group – is one of the most distinctive features of the new brand […]


ITALIAN STYLE SINCE 1921 Life is full of small special moments hidden in our daily routine. What if we told you a little secret to unlock those moments and make them shine? Riccadonna hits the right notes to fascinate, in classic Italian style since 1921. Today, with more than a century of know-how, Riccadonna presents […]


AN ALL-VEGGIE PLEASURE In the heart of Emilia Romagna, the sun sculpts the design of the fields, made fertile by the memory of the sea that once inhabited the Po Valley. OraSì vegetable drinks are born in the Ferrara countryside and are processed in Conselice, in the Ravenna area, just 40kms away. A short, proprietary […]