RBA Design for Kioene: new packs and rebranding for the Gelo line

RBA Design worked with Kioene, a leading company in the production of vegetable and plant-based protein products, on the new packs and rebranding of its Frozen Food line. . To achieve the objective of shifting the consumer’s attention to consumption occasions, creating a path at the table that goes from the complete meal, to finger foods and side dishes, RBA Design has created a project that enhances the products and favors a capable language to address a broader target of consumers, defined as flexitarian. The pack reproduces and enhances the product, as well as giving ample space to the name of the chosen line, thus directing the consumer in the direction he prefers. The line segmentation is expressed in a dynamic and lively way, thanks to the color and the vertical use of the sub brands, characterized by an unconventional typography.

The product visual, the true protagonist of the pack, cheerfully expresses the taste, the products and the main ingredients that characterize the recipes. . On the backpack, in addition to the most useful information for consumers, the QR code allows you to discover new recipes to accompany the chosen product, so as to guide the consumer on a real culinary journey.