Our journey among the best examples of Green Marketing continues. To be sustainable and truly safeguard the environment it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money. A small American craft brewery is the protagonist of this story that arises from the passion for its craft and the desire to mark change, moving away from consolidated paths. And the Edible Six Packs Rings are born.


It is an emblematic case and even more interesting if you consider that it was created at zero cost and not by a famous company with large financial resources behind it, but rather – in the words of one of the founders – by “a small local brewery in the south of Florida created by fishermen, surfers and nature lovers”: Saltwater Brewery.

But how did this small craft brewery manage to reach more than 110 million views on social media and over 3.5 billion interactions in just thirty days and without investing even a single dollar, making it talked about in newspapers like the Guardian? and television stations such as CNN?

Let’s start with one fact: more than 50% of beer in America comes from cans (about 67 billion cans each year), usually sold in traditional six-packs held together by plastic rings. Here, over time, we have increasingly realized that this type of pollution represents a serious threat to wildlife: over a million birds remain trapped in plastic every year, and an unknown number of fish and sea turtles dies from entanglement or from damage to their digestive systems clogged by plastic.

The solution, therefore, was to imagine an innovative packaging – the Edible Six Pack Rings – which, instead of killing, could feed wildlife. This is the first 100% biodegradable, compostable and edible packaging made in the beer industry. But there’s more, because this type of packaging also fully embodies the zero waste strategy of the circular economy: the rings, in fact, are natural by-products of the beer production process, being made with wheat and barley waste.

Within a few months, Saltwater Brewery was contacted by more than fifty craft breweries who expressed interest in using Edible Six Pack Rings, attracted the attention of industry giants and inaugurated a process of innovation in beer packaging that in subsequent years it affected companies such as Corona, Carslberg, Guinness and Budweiser.