The path to creating a brand and its success passes through several steps, which are essential for creating the relationship with the customer.
Authenticity, belonging, differentiation, three fundamental aspects for creating a valuable brand.

Branding, all the activities that contribute to making a brand, and among these certainly design, translates into connecting things, products, services, with an idea, which then materializes in a visual and verbal identity; it is a powerful tool for companies that often allows them to better define and change perceptions and behaviors.

But what does a brand represent? ? We can say that it is something capable of going beyond the characteristics of the product or service it identifies, transmitting function and meaning at the same time. Brand Identity is therefore the construction of the story around a product or service, its visual and content representation, which is built over time. A “sustainable” path of facts, signs, words, style, colors, which must create a unique personality and immediate recognisability.

Brand Identity is fundamental in the growth process of a company because it defines an image on people, allowing them to know what they should expect from the brand itself.

The Brand and Corporate Brand Identity allow you to stand out from competitors and clarify what your offer consists of, but above all, they explain why a customer should choose that company and those products.

The task of a Brand Identity agency like RBA Design is to help the client define and identify their Brand Identity, starting from the brand strategy, outlining the unmistakable signs of the brand, real assets of its visual heritage, up to to arrive at language. An important and delicate process that requires method and experience but which, if adequately developed, represents an important long-term commercial strategic value.

Yes, value! ! In fact, let’s not forget the importance of the value of the intangible. According to a recent S&P study, the monetary value of intangible assets has grown from 17 to 80% in 30 years: most of these were brands, which were able to create a strong emotional connection with customers through recognizability, personalization , aspiration, belonging, trust, always through authenticity, clarity and uniqueness, indispensable elements in the construction of every Corporate Brand Identity project.