Where do ideas come from? How is creativity born?
What are the steps to build a strong brand identity?

Everything starts with a deep understanding of the Brand’s basic values , its history, its promise, its positioning, its essence and its objectives; the competitive context that surrounds it; the consumers it addresses and market trends.

To have a strong visual identity that,

  • expresses the Brand’s positioning;
  • is relevant to the consumer to whom the Brand is addressingo
  • is different from competitors, unique as compared to the other options available to consumers

we must lay the foundation of the creative process through a solid strategic base.

Main activities of brand strategy:
  • Visual analysis of competitors
    (design test: the key questions to assess the effectiveness of a visual identity system)
  • Research analysis and Trend monitor
  • Brand promise, brand positioning, brand values, brand essence
  • BBQ: brand basic questions (Who are we? What makes us special? Why should you choose us?)
  • Brand story
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand stretching
  • Creative concepts
  • Tagline
There’s no such thing as bad weather,
just the wrong equipment R. Powell